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About Me

Welcome to the world of HEALTHY PERFORMANCE, I am extremely happy to have you here with me! 

My name is Barbara Depta and I am a passionate mobility coach who wants to help you achieve your full potential. With the Beyond Stretch ® movement programs and the Core Boot structural balance tool, I will help you improve your bodily awareness and kinesthetic intelligence.

My line of Resync products will provide the nutrition you need to fuel performance and recovery. With these resources and others, I am here to help you close the gap between tired and ready to go. 


History & Experience

Since 2010 I have helped professional UFC, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA, and LPGA athletes as a fascia stretch and structural balance coach. This experience has taught me that performing your best requires the integrated, sustained, and heightened function of every system in your body. It is clear to me that even top performers aren’t doing everything they can to recover efficiently, leading to poorer performance. I’ve seen it personally and professionally over and over, from recovering from my own injuries as a young gymnast and playing basketball through college, to coaching professional athletes and helping them to get their body back after an injury. I know it’s not easy to focus on recovery, but I also know that when you don’t give recovery enough attention, you leave a gap between where you are and where you could be. Closing this “recovery gap” has become my life’s work, and I know that working together to close yours will raise the bar for everything you do. I have always said to athletes that “An Under Recovered Body Becomes An Injured Body™”, but I know it applies to more than just top athletes, but to you too.

Nitric Oxide & Resync Products

Fueled by a need to close that recovery gap, I traveled around the world and worked with nutritionists, scientists, professionals and every day people to bring to life a nutritional product that could fill in these gaps. The goal was to create a product not only for professional athletes, but for anyone who wants clean energy and better recovery—a product to help people perform at their best, refuel their bodies, and support their connective tissue health. There are many, MANY “recovery” products out there, but other supplements don’t have quality-certified ingredients, the right amount of the right ingredients, or the studies to back them up. 

When it comes to ingredients, the key to the puzzle is nitric oxide, a critical molecule in your body that increases blood flow and regulates inflammation. You know that oxygen is energy, but nitric oxide is how that oxygen and other nutrients actually get into the cells that need them. Many people don’t have enough nitric oxide and research shows that many people benefit when they increase their levels through nutrition. The equation is simple: more nitric oxide means more blood flow, more blood flow means better nutrient delivery and waste removal, and better nutrient flow means better performance and faster recovery. Because the effects of nitric oxide can be seen from the cellular level all the way up to the systemic level, it helps the functions of your entire body. And that translates into natural energy, a healthier heart, and especially more efficient recovery – all while supporting the healthy inflammatory response your body uses to adapt to exercise.†

By combining unique natural ingredients along with well known nitric oxide boosters, I found my winning combination and Resync was born. Resync products have been clinically tested in the USA and abroad, are endorsed by many top-performing athletes and professional teams, and are certified by the industry gold standard for quality and consistency: NSF Sport & Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG). If this is the standard that professional athletes demand, why would you settle for anything less?

The Future: Mobility, Stability & Strength – Product That Works

However, I am only just getting started.

I went to the cutting edge to find the best way to support your body’s recovery with nutrition, and now I am doing the same for your structural balance. When you work at a desk all day long, you wear footwear that looks nice but doesn’t feel great, you focus on the same workouts every week, or really whenever you train your body to do the same thing every day, your entire physical structure becomes off-balance. Balance and strength start with your feet, so I went to the drawing board to develop a fitness and rehab tool for functional, full-body training that focuses at that critical point. This tool, the Core Boot, can decrease sensory mismatch and increase strength, stability, and mobility from the ground up. This is just another way that I want to help you see that you, too, can have a healthy, structurally balanced body, regardless of your background or age.

Simply put, I am here to help you live a healthier life. Whether it means addressing your structural balance, mobility, and stability or providing the nutritional products that can facilitate more effective connective tissue recovery and better heart health, work with me to experience what it means to close the gap between tired and ready to go!


Elvis Dumervil

Darian Stewart

With what she does, I feel like I recover a lot faster. She gets me prepared to play every week. I haven’t had any issues at all. She does well making sure my muscles are firing. She’s one reason I’m healthy for sure.

Steven Kringold

I have had the pleasure of meeting many knowledgeable and talented athletic trainers and physicians. I recommend her highly. She worked wonders on my sciatica, when meds and physical therapy just fell short.

Kamar Aiken

My name is Kamar Aiken a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. “Barbs” who you may know as Barbara with Beyond Stretch has been nothing but the best for me and my career. Barbara truly wants the best for you and your body.



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